1000 Reasons to Carry a Knife

I've always been a knife guy. My first pocket knife was given to me by my grandfather. It was an old wood and bone handled knife that smelled of oil. Some years later when I was still a boy, he acquired a Russian switch blade and gave it to me. Looking back, I'm amazed I didn't somehow lose a finger before I eventually destroyed the thing.
I recently realized just how valuable my knife is and asked myself why more people don't carry one. I use mine on a daily basis for a number of tasks without even thinking about it. Surely, there must be 1000 reasons to carry a knife. This is my attempt to list those reasons, one by one.

#1 - Cheap Pull Tab Cans Fail Often
#2 - Stabilize a Pizza
#3 - Make That Connector Fit
#4 - Destroy a Credit Card
#5 - Appease the Toddler
#6 - Makeshift Gardening Tool

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