Saturday, August 6, 2011

"You're doing it!"

I've recently joined a new Sci-Fiction shared writing project called the "Ninerverse".

This is my first entry in this shared universe. I hope you enjoy!


“I know you’ve been avoiding this for a while, but we’ve got no other choice. You have to go. It’s the only place where we can get the info we need.” said the General. His face was drawn and stone cold.

“I don’t want to do this, there has to be another way.” Marcus grumbled. He scratched at the short coarse hair on the back of his head. His massive frame was hulked over while he sat on a metal bench in front of his commanding officer, General Henderson, his Uncle.

“Personally, I don’t give a grat’s behind what you want Marcus. You’re doing it!”

Marcus looked up at his Uncle from under his brow and glared intently upon the older man’s face. He knew he could smash the old man’s head if he wanted to, but maybe not before his Uncle took an eye or an ear with him. It wasn’t worth the trouble, even if the old man was right. This really was the most effective way to gather intel.

“Fine.” Marcus relented.

He slowly rose and his body towered over that of the General. He rendered a precise salute and awaited his uncle’s response. The older man came to attention and returned the salute then slapped his massive protege on the shoulder and said, “Come on now, let’s get those implants taken care of.”

After many hours of “surgery” in a not so sterile environment, the procedure was finished. The Uni-Net interface implants were small enough to be injectable, however the neuro-transmitter relays required delicate calibration. This was accomplished via remote operation of nanobots that were implanted in the body hours before the Uni-Net devices were even ready for implantation. Once the nanobots were in place and ready to receive the devices, they transmitted a carrier ping which was received and used by the injecting arm to ensure the devices were implanted in the correct place of the brain. Once the nanobots received the devices the surgical technicians would remotely direct the implant and calibration functions via data link with the nanobots.

The aftermath of the procedure often left the “user” with a massive headache. A headache that Marcus was not happy about.

“What the hell did you guys do? I feel like hammered Sow droppings.” he said. The variations in his inherited multitonal voice rang in different octaves, all somewhere near the bottom end of the audible spectrum.

“You just had brain surgery.”  a female technician said sarcastically.  She was removing the test leads from Marcus’s neck, head, and chest but pulled one a little too quickly.
“Oww! Watch it!” Marcus yelped.

“You know, you spec ops guys are always the ones that turn out to be such big babies. I’ve seen boys come in here and act more like a man.” she griped while continuing her duties.

Marcus clenched his fists and began “I should...”

“You should what Marcus?” General Henderson asked as he walked into the room. The dim overhead light cast strange shadows on his long face.

“You always turn up at the wrong time, you know that.” Marcus grumbled as he buttoned up his shirt.

“It’s my job to be in your face. Someone has to keep you from breaking things and... people” the General said while he winked at the technician as she walked by him and out of the room before continuing.

“When you’re ready, we’ll go ahead with your pre-mission brief.”

“I’m ready now.” Marcus said.

The General stood with his arms crossed and considered what his nephew had said. He was just as much a son as he was a nephew and in that moment he felt just a little bit of pride in knowing Marcus had a solid work ethic. But he didn’t let it show.

“Good enough, I suppose.” The General said as he pulled a small black device out of his thigh pocket. He laid it on the table and squeezed two buttons on either side of it and stepped back. A holographic image of the logical topology of the Uni-Net topology appeared. The block diagram showed the different “levels” of the Uni-Net and how they were connected together.

“You are going to a place called ‘The Nines’ and it’s located here.” the General said pointing to one of the blocks, then he said “We’ve established a contact for you there. He goes by the name of Lancer. He’s a ‘bartender’ I guess you could say and he’s supposed to have information that could lead us to our objective.”

“A bartender?” Marcus asked.

“Yes, a bartender. You have a problem with that?”

“Not really. It just seems a little cliche doesn’t it?”

“Think about it Marcus. This guy is a persistent person in a network of flux. He hears all the stories and knows all the users that frequent the Nines and this place isn’t exactly known for it’s high class clientele.” The General explained.

Marcus rubbed his stubbly jaw and then his temples. He fought the headache back and concentrated on what needed to be done. He stood up from the table and finished tucking in his top.

“Alright, well, let’s get a move on then.”


  1. Damn, Noise. I barely had my story done and posted and you tie in effortlessly. Mad props to you.

    Hard to believe that we went from ethereal thoughts to a working universe in a week. Everyone that is involved has earned my gratitude and a pat on the back. I just hope you are having as much fun as I am.

  2. Hmm wonder who Marcus is after. Good job!

  3. Nice start, I like the slightly humorous tone you've got going. I didn't fully understand what you meant in the "variations in his inherited multitonal voice" bit. I'm definitely interested in following Marcus's mission, keep it up.

    (P.S. Do you have something in mind for what a "grat" actually is?)

  4. Hey George, sorry I didn't get to this reply sooner. I don't get notified... need to fix that...

    The bit about Marcus' voice might need to go. As it is now, his voice sounds like two men talking at once.

    And a grat is a purposely ambiguous pest... kinda of fun that way if no one ever really knows what a grat is. Feel free to use it.