Saturday, March 5, 2011

Enlisting the Help of a Master

     It's been a while since I've written. I'll admit, that lack of progress can only be attributed to lack of motivation, doubt, and a generally busy schedule. I can't help but feel that I'm letting myself and maybe a handful of people out there down by putting my stories on the shelf recently. So on with the excuses!
     Things have been crazy for me and my family ("it's family and I, dummy"). We recently purchased a new home (our first!) and moved in. For those of you who have never owned a home, it's no easy task. The journey from wanting to own a home, to walking in the door with your keys in hand is long and frustrating. We began the journey back in November of 2010 and completed the sale at the end of January 2011. Soon after the usual things that go wrong with houses started to show up, more like bubble up... from the toilet and into the hall. This scene comes to mind.

     On top of the money pit, I was also obligated to complete certain contractual obligations to the U.S. Government which saw me traveling and away for a while cleaning floors and other important things. When I came home, there was still the house, and the family I needed to spend time with, and of course work.
     These are all rather minor compared to the fact that I generally feel somewhat stuck in my novel. I've completed a sizable portion, 50K words, give or take. But, I'm starting to feel like the whole thing might just drop through the floor, like that tub. I've lost my way, lost confidence in the story. The original idea sparked creativity and passion in my heart, but now I feel only doubt and a sense of dread. The story of When The Wolves Come wrote itself to some degree and it took itself to a place that I never thought of going. And in that place, there are subjects and situations I really didn't want to write about from the onset.
     I wanted this to be a fun novel. A novel full of alien ass kicking, more or less. Where it wound up was in the middle of some serious relationship issues, interplanetary politics, and an overthrown alien government I didn't know much about to begin with. And only one shot has been fired so far; one bullet, just one person dead, not even an alien. What have I gotten myself into?
     These things have all been coming to a point inside my head for the last few weeks. Tonight, whilst sifting through a bookstore meltdown in progress, I ran across something special.

     I've decided to enlist the help of a master. One who inspired me during some of my darkest days during the war. I look forward to learning what Mr. Card has to offer a young and ambitious writer like me. Hopefully it will help.


  1. I hope you find the time, you have a real knack for writing stories : ) Good luck and good memories in your new home!

  2. Your book deserves your time, difficult as it may have ended up,consider it a challenge. Your up for it !