Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Break - A Reflection on WTWC Part One

Holy Crap.

So, yeah NaNoWriMo was a success for me, I won. It did come at a high cost however, my sanity was almost lost. I struggled to complete my 50K word count and finished a mere few hours from the deadline at 50080 words. 

Writing a novel in under thirty days is no small task. The sad part, I came to realize, was that 50K words is just too short for my story. Even though I technically have a novel's worth of words, my book is no where near completion. Compounding the problem is the fact that most publishers look for 100K words from first time writers. As awesome as it felt to complete the goal, it was crushing to learn that I was still only halfway there. 

To save my brain, I've decided to take December off from writing. No matter how much I want to, I've been forcing myself to stay away from WTWC. I think it's prudent to let my imagination rest a bit and see where I want this story to go. I've let a few people read what I've got so far and I'm asking them for feedback on the characters they like and other things like that. I think all of this will help me move part two of the book into a favorable direction.

In reflection, I'm surprised at where the characters in When The Wolves Come took the story. When I imagined this book over a year ago, it was completely different. I was baking under the desert sun in Iraq, terribly homesick. Isolation was one of the biggest themes I wanted to carry over (that and fun alien ass kickery). I wanted to illustrate how war could sometimes feel like prison, at least, how I experienced war. But it didn't turn out that way when the pen came to the paper (or fingers came to keys). Although, some of that sense of isolation did come through in Corlaine.

Corlaine is definitely one of the stronger characters in the book, something I didn't expect because I wholly intended Gray to be the star. Corlaine and Clark's story though, dominates part one (the completed work so far) and Gray will take the helm for part two, detailing how we fight the Jenlai. I hope this kind of setup doesn't kill the work as a whole, but it just seems to be the best way to go about things.

Message me if you want to share some of things you like about what has been posted so far. I might even consider emailing you the very messy part one for your consideration.

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