Thursday, September 30, 2010

Battle of El Paso


     Sorry I haven't written in a while. It's been tough. Orders came down and well, you know how it goes. We were sent north with Charlie company on a raid of a Jenlai installation those dog bastards set up about a month ago. They just won't quit.
     I was reading your journal again and couldn't help but notice the irony. The world really was a different place back then wasn't it? Freezing my ass off here in Texas makes me wish I could have been in Iraq with you, fighting your war, before The Terraforming Attack, before the cold set in, before those alien dogs came knocking at our door. Hell, I'd even trade this for the border wars before the Jenlai showed up. I'd much rather be fighting humans, an enemy we understand.
      But you know, we are learning our enemy out here Dad. Even with all their tech, I think we actually might stand a chance.
     We were on a running retreat and had to hole up near El Paso. Charlie company had already lost two APCs and we had lost one. We were pretty much up shit creek if you know what I mean. We had been stuck there for at least two hours and were running low on ammo. I thought we were done for. Right then, the XO came on the comm and yelled "fast movers inbound, danger close, get your heads down!" I couldn't believe it, but two F22's came in faster than you'd believe possible. If you blinked you would have missed them. Then, boom! Those Jenlai dogs were under hell's fury courtesy of some antiques from your era. I have no idea why, but they never see those old stealth fighters coming. The newer planes drop like flies I hear.
      I tell you what though, we razz those Air Force guys a lot, but when you've got plasma rounds whizzing by your head and those jets fly over and make the plasma stop, you walk away with a little more respect. Hell, if it weren't for them, we probably wouldn't have walked away from El Paso that day.
     I just thought you'd like hear about that Dad. I'll write when I can.




  1. Nice. I like the tease about Terraforming Attack and that inter-service rivalry survives even alien invasion.

  2. To add to what J.A. said above, I like the tone of this piece. It sounds like a guy who has just matured in some way.

    It makes me feel a little achey, because this soldier is in a dangerous spot but also it speaks a lot about the teamwork that has to be done, and it fleshes Gray out a bit and had me thinking about what he is like based on what he has said and how. I like it.