Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Google Images Gets Touched Up

Google has recently updated it's image search feature, and I must say, it's pretty awesome. The best new feature is the continuous scroll. Instead of clicking through pages and pages searching for the right image, the pages load as you scroll. This creates a more fluid work flow (oh snap, corporate buzz words!) The effect allows one to concentrate more on what they are looking for rather than breaking that concentration to operate the mechanics of the search. Now, this may seem like a minute detail, but it's very significant. 
All technology should endeavor to enable human capability and creativity.  User interface design is on the verge of changing dramatically and this new feature is a step forward in the right direction. It's good to know there are developers out there who think of these small details that make life in the 21st Century easier. Now, if only Microsoft could get on board I might be able to finish school work without screaming at Microsoft Word.

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