Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fear of What's Up There

This is a short teaser trailer about my worst nightmares. Despite this, I'm looking forward to it. I love good sci-fi and these days, there isn't enough good stuff out there. Just take a look at what Netflix has to offer. Most of what's out there is down right pathetic.

When I was a small boy, I was terrified of aliens and Bigfoot. I still am, to some degree. To this day I tell my wife that I'd literally shit my pants if I ever ran into Bigfoot in the wild. I suppose all of this has a lot to do with TV.

The first thing that instilled this fear of aliens was the 1993 movie Fire in the Sky. As a nine year old boy watching HBO late at night, this movie struck deep. What really got to me was the fact that this was supposed to be a true story. Notice how Ridley Scott's Alien isn't what set this fear ablaze in my psyche. As gruesome as the Geiger beasts were, even my nine year old intellect was able to dismiss them as just movie monsters. This movie however scared me not because of what was on the screen, but because what was on the screen depicted something supposedly true. Truth is often more horrific than fiction.

This scene in particular...

... was truly hideous to me. How terrified would you be if you were stuck under that film? I can imagine waiting for the frail little monsters to cut me up and invade my mind.

But this isn't where the fear really began. How was I able to imagine myself, a little boy, in these types of scenarios? It all goes back to more TV.

Sightings was a paranormal TV show in the early 90's that took a newsroom approach to the subject. Now that I think of it, that time period was full of this stuff. Anyway, there was just one scene that set this whole fear in motion.There was an image of a small boy asleep in bed. The camera pans up to his window where something like this was there...

From that time on, I couldn't sleep next to a window. I was too afraid.

This all, ultimately, was responsible for my love if Science Fiction. Without these terrifying boyhood experiences, I would have never discovered Isaac Asimov, or any of the other awesome authors I enjoy today. I wouldn't have gone on to have a genuine love of science itself.

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